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We have our monthly meetup scheduled to take place on the first thursday of each month. We have members of all skill levels, and we cover topics of all types!

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Every month we get together and talk about interesting topics in the PHP community.

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The InNEVation Center // 6795 Edmond St Las Vegas, NV 89118 // Date: Jan 11, 2019 // RSVPs: 9

Kenny Eliason - WordPress Development w/ Roots.io

Hello PHP Devs!

This month we have a pivotal member of the VegasTech community. Kenny Eliason who is CTO & Founder of NeONBRAND, a local marketing and biz dev agency, will be speaking about roots.io and super charging your WordPress development.

WordPress often gets a bad wrap as being out of date and impractical for many medium to large-scale situations. Version Control doesn’t work, updates are too frequent, can’t develop with a team, on and on and on… But with over 30% of the web running WordPress, it’s time to up our game. Roots.io puts WordPress on its head and allows for a robust development environment that will solve most, if not all, of the complaints non-WordPress developers have about the platform.

Come on down for your chance at a ZendCon 2018 ElePHPant (Thanks RougeWave)

We will be giving away a free year of PHP Storm provided by JetBrains.

Thanks to TekSystems for sponsoring us and providing food/drink.

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More information regarding the event will be added is the date draws near.


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